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Who is HomeLoanServ?

HomeLoanServ is the department providing customer service on your loan.


What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication Helps Keep Your Information Safe

Online security has never been more important in today’s world of digital crime and internet fraud. It’s the reason two-factor authentication has become so prevalent. Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security to make sure you’re the only one who can access your account, even if someone else knows your password. It adds an extra step to your basic log-in procedure. An example of two-factor authentication is swiping a card and entering a pin number or logging onto a website and entering an additional code or one-time password that’s been sent to your phone or email address. You’ll soon see updates to Borrower Connection that will have added two-factor authentication. With the updated Borrower Connection, each time you log in, you will be asked to enter a username and password as well as a six-digit code, which you can choose to receive by email, text, or phone call.

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How do I add your automated response email address to my "safe senders" list in my email program?

Please review your email program's help documentation for instructions on how to add our automated response email addresses (notify@ihfa.org and notify@homeloanserv.com) to your "safe senders" list.

Constant Contact maintains a list of instructions for common email programs like Gmail, Outlook.com (formerly Hotmail) and Yahoo mail.


IMPORTANT: Please note that this link is provided for your convenience and we do not take any responsibility for its content.

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Is my personal information kept private?

We respect the privacy and security of your personal information. Just like you, we want all of your personal information kept that way: personal and private. Our staff adheres to the detailed privacy policy that is available here for your review.

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How do I make my payment?

You may make your payments online using HomeLoanServ's Borrower Connection, using automatic bank draft, by mail, or delivery.


Create a Borrower Connection Account


Fill out this Automatic Bank Draft Authorization that authorizes HomeLoanServ to automatically draft your payment for you each month. Mail completed and signed form along with a voided check to the following address:

PO Box 7899
Boise, ID 83707-1899


PO BOX 7541
BOISE, ID 83707-1899


BOISE ID 83702

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How do I know my automatic payment has been set up?

Once the paperwork is processed, you will receive a letter with the date the automatic payment will begin. You will need to continue making payments using a different method until the start date specified in this letter.


Do I have to complete a new auto draft set up form every time my payment changes?

No, once auto draft is set up, it will remain in effect until it is cancelled. If the payment changes, the auto draft will also change.

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Can I change my bank information in Borrower Connection for automatic payment withdrawal?

No. The checking account information managed using the Checking Account Information Manager is for borrowers making payments online only and is not related to the Automatic Payment Withdrawal system. Please contact customer service at support@homeloanserv.com to update this information.


How do I make a payment towards additional principal?

If you pay online, there is a link to make a principal payment. If you pay by mail, you can write your check for an additional amount and indicate it is for your principal on the payment coupon sent with your check. If you pay by automatic bank draft, you can increase the amount automatically withdrawn. Making additional principal payments reduces the amount of interest you pay on the loan. Whenever an additional principal is paid on your loan, the next payment due is calculated on the lower principal balance. So your monthly payment is the same, but you pay less to interest and more to the principal balance.


When is my payment considered late?

Your payment is due on the first day of the month. Late charges are assessed to the loan if payment is received after the 16th of the month. Postmarks are not considered when determining late payments. If the 16th falls on a weekend or a holiday, you have the following business day to make your payment.

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What do I do if my payment is going to be late?

Call us as soon as you know your payment will be late. Through our free counseling service, a counselor will help you with a plan to get back on track.

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What do I do if I cannot make my monthly payment?

Contact us immediately, no matter the situation. Idaho Housing has loan counselors who are trained and experienced in dealing with every situation. Contact a free housing counselor here.

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Can I defer a payment to the end of the loan?

Our mortgage loans do not allow deferment of payments. If you are having problems making your payment, please contact us immediately. We may have other options that can help.

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Can I use a debit or credit card to make my payment?

At this time we do not have a system that can process debit or credit card payments. However, making a payment online is a debit to your checking account.

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How do I add, remove, or change a name on my loan?

We cannot add people to a loan but we can update the name of an original borrower. Send a photocopy of the legal document showing the name change and a written request which includes your loan number to customer service at PO Box 7899, Boise, ID 83707. In some cases, names can be removed from a loan. To find out more about this, contact customer service at support@homeloanserv.com.

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Can I remove my ex-spouse from my loan?

To remove a spouse from an Idaho Housing loan, the borrower who will be keeping the home must qualify for the home on his or her own. However, not all loans are eligible for Release of Liability. To find out more about this process, call customer service.

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What is an "owner occupancy requirement"?

One of the requirements of some loans is that the borrower must occupy the home for the life of the loan. If you have to move, for example because of a job transfer, contact customer service with your new address, phone numbers, and your plans for the home. We may approve a waiver of this requirement.

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What is an escrow payment?

Your payment has two parts. The first part is principal and interest, which repays your home loan. The second part of your payment is the escrow portion. This portion pays for your property taxes, homeowners insurance, and mortgage insurance, and changes annually depending on your tax or insurance premium changes. Contact the county for information regarding the tax amount. Talk to your insurance agent for information on your insurance premium.

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Why does my payment change when I have a fixed rate?

On a fixed rate loan the principal and interest portion of your payment does not change. However, the escrow portion of your payment may change. The escrow payment is affected by increases or decreases in the tax and homeowners insurance bills we pay from your escrow account.

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How do I make a payment to my escrow account to cover an increase to my taxes or homeowners insurance instead of having my monthly mortgage go up?

Contact customer service at support@homeloanserv.com for instructions on paying the shortage.